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how we combed our hair—straight back on top
and then braided down on either side. It was by
the way we combed our hair that all other tribes
knew that we were not Sioux, whom we resembled
physically. The difference was that the Sioux
warriors parted their hair In the middle like our
women, without leaving a roach combed back on
top—and for that reason we called the Sioux Kah-
es-pak, meaning that they 'parted their hair In the

This Kootenay said:

T see you are not Sioux by your hair and moc-
casins. If you were you would not be welcome
here In the Shuswap camp. They are not friends
of the Suksiseoketuk.' The Suksiseoketuk were
an offshoot of the Sioux.

He asked us what we wanted, and our chief told
him that we were out to hunt game. And then
this Kootenay turned to the Shuswap chief and
said something. Again he turned his address to
our chief. He said:

ŁThe chief of the Shuswaps says this: "We are
the allies of the Kootenays. We and the Koote-
nays control all of the country south of here as far
as a man can travel in fifteen days. We ask you
not to hunt on our grounds. But we will tell you
where to go north of here and get plenty of game.
Tell us what you want, and we will tell you where
to go." '